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Hot Sales Sunglasses / 2012-04-09
1 in Yiwu department store need to register?
Of course not, we also feel that registration is too much trouble, we go shopping malls also need to register it? We pay the goods to leave, so in Yiwu department stores also like, you do not need to register can also enjoy our full service, convenient even you can not think, add shopping cart, fill out the order, online payment, but a little to explain, in your registered members will have more features, such as the next shopping to fill in personal order information, easy to buy goods, save some commonly used goods address, can check your recent order list, cumulative your consumption points, etc.. Weigh it? Note not registered by your own decision.
2 I have already made an order, how to pay? Yiwu department store to support which payment methods?
We currently support the following ways of payment:
Online payment:, TenPay, PayPal, online banking (palpay)
Bank transfer: China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of China
Cash payment.
For more details, please click on the payment method.
3 online banking payment security?
When you choose any bank card for online banking payment, in fact you have access to the bank's payment gateway through our channels, you enter the card data submission process all use the international common SSL or SET and digital certificate encryption transmission, the security of the payment system to provide support and protection, the bank's online payment system can ensure the security of online payment. So you fill out the bank card information whether it is to pay the platform or the site can not see or understand, but will not be stolen by hackers through technical means. Because the security is in charge of the bank, so it is fully guaranteed. Absolutely no need to worry about your card information leaked.
However, note that the user is not required to enter a credit card information in public places, in order to prevent others to see your card number and password. If you need to get more information on the Internet payment security, please contact your card issuer directly.
4 what kind of situation can be returned?
Generally speaking, the sale of products in the absence of quality problems, we are not returned. But some special customers do not want to do, to ensure the goods and packaging intact, shipping pays the case sent to Yiwu department store network, we will help you complete the process of return, please refer to the specific strategies of return policy.
5 how long does the delivery date?
16:00 previously confirmed the order, the day will be shipped. 16:00 after confirmation of the order, within 24 hours of delivery, if you encounter a statutory holiday, please pay attention to the notice of Yiwu Department store.
6 what is the use, how to get points?
Points are the added value of the music to customers, the user can get the points by purchasing goods, comment and so on. Points can be exchanged for coupons, and other activities for the draw.
7 coupons / gift cards how to use?
Yiwu department store is not regularly sent to the user through a variety of channels to Yiwu department store coupons, coupons will contain the face value, the consumption limit and effective time. The meaning of the consumption limit is the amount of the order to reach the consumption limit, to use the coupon. Each order can only use a coupon. By entering a coupon's verification code, you can charge a coupon for your account, and then use it directly in the purchase process. After the cancellation of the coupon is still valid, you can use the next.
8 I have physical stores, like the wholesale purchase, how to wholesale it?
Can contact our wholesale customer service, or to get the latest wholesale price list.
If you have any questions, please contact us at work time online customer service or customer service hotline 400-600-7950:

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