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Logistics & Express
Hot Sales Sunglasses / 2012-04-10

We use express delivery, postal EMS two kinds of delivery methods, delivery mode, please fill in the selection of the order. At present, the distribution of cooperation with our store can cover more than 800 of the city, to protect the safe and fast delivery of goods.
Be careful
In order to ensure that you are purchasing goods safely delivered to you, after receiving the goods, please check the parcel packing and seal is intact, and then sign, if you sign a package of the obvious signs of damage after complaints of goods is wrong or damaged, I am afraid we can not accept. After receipt, please carefully check the goods and the goods you ordered, the number is consistent, if there is a clear sign of damage or inconsistent with the product, please contact us. We will deal with and take on the transportation cost, please don't worry about it.

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